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This is where you will find useful tips on how to use NorthNet.

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TurnItIn Assignments

In some of your courses your tutor will require you to submit assignments that will be checked for plagiarism via TurnItIn. The following guidelines will help.

  1. Prepare your assignment as instructed by your tutor, you will mostly like be asked to prepare a Microsoft Word document. Save this document on your computer (and remember to keep backups!)

  2. We recommend NOT using Internet Explorer. Use Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox as your web browser when using the assignment tool. Internet Explorer will often not display the page properly, and does not display all the buttons you need!
  3. When you are ready to submit your assignment, go into your course in NorthNet and click on the assignment link. It will have the TurnItIn logo. turnitin logo

  4. Your assignemt screen will look something like this. I have blurred out the instructions for this assignment, but normally you will see the instructions as written by your tutor.
    TurnItIn submission area

  5. The Start Date is when submissions open, the Due Date is when submissions close and the Post Date is when your marks will become available to you online.
  6. Click on the Submit Paper icon submission icon

  7. If this is your first submission for a TurnItIn assignment type you will need to accept the terms and conditions which open in a 'popup window'. Ensure that you have enabled popups. Some web browsers let you enable popups for a particular web site only. Search Google if you are unsure how to enable popups for your web browser.
  8. Give your assignment a title and click on the Add file button button to select and upload your assignment document.
    file upload
  9. When you click the 'Add Submssion' button you will see this screen indicating the upload is in progress.

  10. After the upload is complete you will receive a digital receipt for your assignment submission.
  11. Within a few minutes your assignment will show your similarity percentage and a link to see a review (if your tutor has enabled this function)
    Assignment review
  12. Clicking on the colour bar next to the similarity percentage will open a review page (again, only if your tutor allows this). Also, if you tutor has entered comments on your assignment you will find them here.
  13. After making changes to your assignment you may resubmit it, but note that a re-submission will will not show the similarity percentage and report until 24 hours have passed from the time of the second or subsequent submission