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This is where you will find useful tips on how to use NorthNet.

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The NorthNet messaging system and what it sends to you via email can be easily customised.

In the 'Settings' block on the left-hand side of most NorthNet pages is section for 'My profile settings'. Click on the 'Messaging' link in there.

My profile settings

You will see a listing of the NorthNet messaging settings that you can change to suit your need.

Messaging options

Messaging Block

To add a messaging block to your 'My home' page, navigate to your 'My home' page.

Click on the 'Customise this page' button as shown below.

Pull down on the 'Add' in the 'Add a block' block.

Select the messages block

Click on the 'Stop ciustomising this page button.

You can also use the 'Customise this page' feature to re-arrange the courses and blocks on your 'My home' page.