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    Kia ora koutou katoa. Welcome to the 'Find what you need' course page! Here's an opportunity to interact with learning resources that support your study and improve your information literacy skills. Dip into it as you like.

    • Find help

      Ben has just started doing a foundation nursing course at polytech. He wants to get 'up to speed' as fast as he can so he can do well in his course. He really wants to be a nurse; he just needs to brush up on his academic skills first because he's struggling a bit.

      He's asked his tutor what he can do to get better at finding the right kind of learning resource and to improve his search skills. He knows he has to improve, but he doesn't know how. His tutor has suggested Ben do an information literacy course. So here he is.

      His first topic points him at a few 'help' resources for when he's unsure of how to do things.

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