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    Kia ora koutou katoa. Welcome to the 'Find what you need' course page! Here's an opportunity to interact with learning resources that support your study and improve your information literacy skills. Dip into it as you like.

    • Before you get started...

      students in libraryTe Awhina is starting the horticulture course next month. She hasn't studied for a few years and she wants to brush up on her skills before she starts. Norma, one of the librarians, has suggested she has a look at the 'Find What You Need' course to get her learning kick-started.

      Te Awhina wants to make sure she knows why she's doing this course and what she'll be learning before she starts. She's going to browse the 'Before you get started' resources and have a go at making a forum post. If she's not sure of what she's doing she'll check out the 'go-to' area in the next topic.

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