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  • General

    Kia ora koutou katoa. Welcome to the 'Find what you need' course page! Here's an opportunity to interact with learning resources that support your study and improve your information literacy skills. Dip into it as you like.

    • Why am I doing this?

      This interactive puzzle explains the course aim and each learning outcome. Move each puzzle piece to the right place to get a 'helicopter view' of your course.

    • Before you get started...

      students in libraryTe Awhina is starting the horticulture course next month. She hasn't studied for a few years and she wants to brush up on her skills before she starts. Norma, one of the librarians, has suggested she has a look at the 'Find What You Need' course to get her learning kick-started.

      Te Awhina wants to make sure she knows why she's doing this course and what she'll be learning before she starts. She's going to browse the 'Before you get started' resources and have a go at making a forum post. If she's not sure of what she's doing she'll check out the 'go-to' area in the next topic.

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    • Find help

      Ben has just started doing a foundation nursing course at polytech. He wants to get 'up to speed' as fast as he can so he can do well in his course. He really wants to be a nurse; he just needs to brush up on his academic skills first because he's struggling a bit.

      He's asked his tutor what he can do to get better at finding the right kind of learning resource and to improve his search skills. He knows he has to improve, but he doesn't know how. His tutor has suggested Ben do an information literacy course. So here he is.

      His first topic points him at a few 'help' resources for when he's unsure of how to do things.

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    • Explore the library

      Trinity is going to be a youth worker when he finishes his Bachelor in Social Services. He hasn't studied for a while, but he's really keen to give something back to his community, so he wants to succeed on his programme.

      There's a lot of research in this degree and he needs to get on top of it. He wants to read books to help him understand the underpinning theories and concepts. Journal articles will help him to study current practice within the field.

      Perhaps he'll visit the library to get a few tips on where to start looking and he can use the computer lab or borrow a computer to search the web for information on community and government agencies.

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    • Discover key learning resources

      Hayden is studying Arts. He is particularly interested in photography and wants to research the field as widely as he can. He has had a look through the library catalogue for books and found some of the photography absolutely inspirational. He is following the work of Darryl Gilbert and Megan Harvey. He also knows there is a whole subject page dedicated to arts in the online Library. There are links to art and information, museums and collections, and links to journals.

      How does he make the best possible use of these wonderful resources? Let's help him... and see what he discovers...

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    • Use the Internet confidently

      Rina is researching the causes of child mortality for a course in the Bachelor of Nursing. She needs to look at the demographics of Northland and compare them to a metropolitan area. She also wants to look at other relevant research that has been completed on this topic.

      The Hauora Māori course enagaged her in researching the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi while asking questions about the disparity in the child mortality statistics for the different ethnic groups. Now she wants to use her skills to gather appropriate sources of information from the Internet.

      In this topic she will get some tips on how to search the web to easily get what she wants, and she will learn to evaluate websites to ensure she gets authentic information.

      Let's join her journey.

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    • Understand references

      Arun is aiming towards the Bachelor of Applied Management and is brushing up on his English and study skills first. He is writing an essay about different ways of learning and applying one of the learning theories to how he will approach his learning plan. He knows he has to hunt down some good sources.

      He's seen reference lists at the end of books and articles and he wants to learn more about what they mean and how he can use them to improve his study.

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    • Investigate learning

      Simone came from Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Taumarere in Moerewa to a taster day at NorthTec's Future Trades campus in Whangarei. She was still buzzing three days later because it really opened her eyes to opportunities -  she saw lots of options to think about for her future.

      She experienced various trades hands-on by participating in different workshops during the day including Architecture, Automotive, Boatbuilding, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and Construction.

      Now she wants to know more about the type of learner she is. This will help her choose the right career and study options. It will also help her to maximise her learning abilities.

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    • Plan your assessment

      Taylor is preparing for an assessment in the Certificate in Sports and Recreation. She has to do a report on facilities in her area. She has the assessment instructions, the assessment schedule, her report research and findings, and information on report writing. She has brainstormed her ideas and created a visual map of the report, now she needs help with the report structure and the synthesis of her information. Let's see what we can put together to help her.

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    • Congratulations!

      library showFeeling good about completing the course? We hope this has been a useful and rewarding learning experience for you. Look out for me in your classes or in the Library.

      Thanks for participating.


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